The support of volunteers in the community offering a hand to support is always so humbling.  Due to Covid-19 we are refraining from door to door and events, but we are so grateful for you spreading the word, requesting signs and sharing with friends and neighbors our campaign website on social media.  


List of supporters

The Ackerly Family

Megan and Katie Adams

Cynthia Aguirre

Bart and Michele Albin

Alison Albright

TK Alexander

Tiffany and Victor Alvarado

Mary Sue Andersen

Dr. Helen Anderson-Cruz

Peter and Steffenie Andreasen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrews

Rob and Jen  Arnold

Giovanna Ascolani

Shannon Austin Hoelzer

Dr. Dean Bailey and Dr. Wendy Bailey

Kathy Baran and Stanley Douglass

Josh and Tanya Barbera

Gail and Bob Bardin

Beau Barnum

Scot and Carla Beall

The Beaubien Family

Anita Bell

Tyler and Nicole Belong

Linda Belzberg

Tim and Margaret Bernier

Gina Bernsen

Jim and Mary Ann Berta

Corey and Sara Berta

Samantha and Joshua Bey

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Biggins

Patti and Bill Bigham

Paula Bingham-Couture

Ms. Rachel Bird

Carrie Bliss

Sharyn Blongiewicz

Mike Blood

Mark and Lorrie Blore

Ryan and Bevin Boney

Michael and Michele Bourke

John and Judy Bowen

Samantha Bowman Fleurov

Fabio and Julia Braga

Audrey and Jim Breay

The Brehm Family

Justin Bringham

Cathy Brown and Darrell Fietz

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Brown

Rusty Broyles

Ken and Ann-Marie Bryan

Nancy Byrne Cablay

Pat and Debby Callahan

Ted Camaisa DDS

Matt and Chauncey Cannon

Cece Canton

Dr. Marva Cappello

Frank and Judy Caravantes

Ruby Carr and Ken Fitzgerald

Linda Carrozza and Michael Channick

Daron & Vanessa Case

Kel Casey

Betsy and Sean Castillo

Tom, Dollie, and Trevor Catlin

Barbara Chakos

Kate and Benny Chan

Monica Ann Chapa

Terry Chapko and Paige Shuman

Shane Chase

Mary Christian

Alaina Christie

Duke Clark and Marg Stark

Drs. Mark and Laura Clapper

Gail Clarkin

Nancy Cobb

Cherie and Jim Collins

Bob and Susan Concannon

Beth Connelly and Mitch Connelly

Missy Cook

Ms. Kathy Cotten

Patty Cowan

Millie and Gunder Creager

Laura and Rob Crenshaw

Joe and Vicki Cristilli

Joe and Jessica Cunningham

Martha Cusimano

Sandy Davis

Ric and Michele Davy

Mr. Oscar De Las Salas and Mr. Gary  Jackson

Jim Deaver and Sarah Hunsaker

Courtney DeCarolis

Sandy Dillon

Roxanne Donado

John and Pat Donahue

Mrs. Misty Dowker

Carrie Downey and Elton Inada

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duffey

Judy Dunham

Myra C. Durbin

Joe and Courtney Duryea

Bonnie Dutile

Jimmy and Danell Dwaileebe

Julia and Abdallah Elassaad

Chris and Jen Ellinger

Rick and Erin Enrico

Julie Erwin

Jacquelin Erwin

Amel and Aliya Esposito

Pilialoha  Estall

Mercedes Estrada

Kevin and Terri Eyer

The  Farley Family

Joan Felicia Adessa

Angela Feres

Dana Finlay

Kim and Kent Fitzgerald

Kori Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Ford

Martin Forrest

Robin Franck

Jason and Rebecca Fratt

Stefan and Justine Freeman

Jeffrey and Sally Freiser

Bob and Kristina Fretwell

Monique Frey

Shaina Frey

Nancy and John Funk

Becky Galdorisi

Teri and Bart Gardella

Salvatore Giametta

Dave and Sheri Gibson

Karrie and David Gilby

Arden Gillberg and Jason Smith

Dave and Sue Gillingham

Ted and Michelle Gilmore

Mike and Michelle Giorgione 

Angelina Giovannini

Dan and Beth  Gomrick

Denise and Michael Goodman

Edry Goot and Jim  Ray

Thomas and Linda Grady

Erin Grady Brown

Robert and Julie Grazian

Suzanne Green

Carl Gregory

Bob and Mary Griffin

Bonnie Grosvenor

Nancy Hall

Avery, Ben and Winston Hallowell 

Al and Janie Hansen

Amy Hansen and Jake Van Den Akker

Dave and Mickey Hansen

Elizabeth Hansen

Dot Harms

Sara Harper

Jordy and Shannon Harrison

Scott and Katie Hart

Miles and Kathy Harvey

Rich and Linda Hascup

Davin and Jeanne Heaphy

Matt and Andrea Heinecke

Laura Hill

Mali Hinesley

Bill Hiscock

Dick and Paige Hoffmann

Mike and Sandy Hoppe

Daniel and Kelly Hovorka

Kandi Hudson Queisser

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M.  Huff Jr. 

Dr. Kurt and Dotty Hummeldorf

Jo and Phil Hunsaker

Philip Huszar

Tony Mario Isabella

Ted Ivanoff

Sets and Jan Iwashita

Claudia Johnson

Mr. Cort Jones and Mrs. Kathryn Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser

Jan and Irv Kass

Neva Kaye

Mary Sue and Merv Keces

Susan Keith

Michael and Barbara  Kelly

Robbins and Graham Kelly

Gabe and Jessica Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kennedy

Karyn Kenney

Alisa Kerr

Elbert and Grace Kim

Judy Kissell

Andrew Kittell and Luan Troxel

Hugo and Ares Kittell

Miss Ashley E. Klave

Victoria Kob

Jeffrey & Lisa Kob

Bob and Kathy Koop

The Kreamy Family

David and Rose Anne Krock

Christy and Peter Kuhns

Karen and Michael Lafferty

Mr. Jerry Leahy and Mrs. Patricia Leahy

William Lehman and Helene Mandell

Greg and Jill Lehr

Leigh Anne Lewis

Suzanne Lewis

Capt. Bruce and Deb Linder

Mr. Felipe Lizarraga and Mrs. Andrea Lizarraga 

Rodney Lobato

Steve and Becki Lock

Jim and Ramona Loiselle

Dianne and Tom Lookabaugh

Claudia Lorge

Kimberly Lorman-Shepherd and Nick Shepherd

Brian and Jennifer Luebbert

Noah Luebbert

Paul and Kristin Luttrell

Tiffany Lynch

Patrice Makovic and Arturo Sbicca

Mayela Manasjan

Rev. Dr. Deborah Mariya

Michael Marquis

Hon. Susan Marrinan, Ret. 

David and Skylar Matthews

John and Mary Ellen Matthews

John and Mandy McCauley

Don and Cyndi McCleary

Robert McClimon

Roger and Kris McClung

Scott and Jill McClure

Jim and Pam McCollum

Brian and Edie McCormack

Laurie McCray

The McCray Family

Karen and Tim McCue

Kari  McCulloch and Harry O’Halloran

Courtenay  McGowen

Mike and Seanan McGrath

Robert McInerney

Cathy McJannet

Kyle McKenzie

Zack McKenzie

Cindy McNary

Peter and Nancy McRae

Jim and Merrie Mebust

Tom and Becky Mercer

Doug Metz

Ben and Melissa Miller

David Miller, PhD

Debbie Miller and Tom Reopelle

Morgan and Laura Miller

William F. Mills

Ron Miriello

Phil Monroe

Jamie and Jana Monroe

Wendy and Rob Moore

Rick Moore

Hudson Moreira

Brad Morris

The  Morrissey Family

Derik Mundt 

Scott Murray

Jim and Janis Mushovic

Harold Myers

Maria Nagy

Tim and Susan Naple

Dennis and Holly Nappen

Rod and Sarah Neilson

Tim Nelson and Charlette Preslar

Jenelle Nettles

Andrea Newland

Shannon Nierenhausen

Keziah Nixon

Robin Nixon

Ronald and Gloria Nixon

John and Ellie Nolan

Paige and Andrew Norris

Molly and Randy Nunn

Stephanie and Christopher Nurding

Jeremy Nurding

Cyndie O’Brien

J.T. and Laura O’Sullivan

Mark and Patty Ochenduszko

Mrs. Monica Olivares and Mr. George Smith

Allen and Cathy Osmialowski

Megan Parma

Susan Patterson

Janet Paulovich

Ed and Lisa Pecus

Gloria Pegler

Quinn Perez

Bill and Clarice Perkins

Jack Perkins

Robert and Carol Peters

John and Jeanie Peterson

Jason and Maggie Pettit

Bob and Pam Plumbley

Bill Plunkett

Jim and Tamara Pokorny

Peggy Price

Martha Protzman

William and Melissa Province Bennett

Aleene Queen

Sharon  Raffer

Miles W. Ramirez

Mrs. Lauren Rascher

Nancy Ratcliffe

Debbie and Barry Renker

Sherry Richter

Jayne and Rachel Ricker

The Ricks Family

Katy Roberson

Troy and Devon Roberts

Elaine Robinson

Refugio Rochin and Cassie Morton

Lance and Anthea Rodgers

Ricardo Romero

Tomas Romero, M.D.

Morgan Ronimus

The Ronimus Family

Jan Ronis and Gretchen Von Helms

Marisa Ronis

Jim and Kitty Rosania

Tyler Rosier

John and Sarah Roughneen

Tom and Charlotte Rudowicz

Jorge and Laurie Ruiz de Castilla

Joyce Russell

The Sacks Family

Bill and Tami Sandke

Wendy Sanger McGuire

Eric and Sandy Sato

David and Gina Schnell

Eric Schnell

Brian and Nancy Schrum

Reggie and Katherine Schultz

Terry Chapko and Paige Schuman

Danielle Schwartz

Bill and Jean Seager

Steve and Gina Serna

The Shanks Family

Patrick Shaw

Bruce and Susan Shepherd

Sandy Shepherd

John and Ann Siefert

Joseph A. Sierras

Ian Silverman and Lauren Zamler

Jane Simeral

Marlys Simmons

Stephanie and Brett Slaughter

Tom and Peggy Smisek

Brian and Traci Smith

Jason and Dede Smith

JC and Lourdes  Smith

Lou and Susan Smith

Ray and Kathy Smith

Ty and Tina Smith

Lisa Solis

Kathy Solovay

Howard and Jean Somers

Linda Sorrels

Barbara Sosnowski

Carole Spector

Bill Speer and Marsi Steirer 

Will and Melissa Spittler

Kathy and Bill Spittler

Jacques and Tiffany Spitzer

Frank and Connie Spitzer

Doug  St. Denis

Terri Stagg Eyer

Rob and Amy Steiner

Jacob Stewart

Sara Stillman

Pauline Storum

Karen Strabala

CAPT (Ret) Kathy Summers

Tyler and Chelsea Sylvester

Todd and Maureen Sylvester

Emily Talbert

Mel and Karin Tanaka

Rob and Mary Taylor

Aimée Thibodeau Richards

Jason and Marybeth Thompson

David  Throop

Daniel Toennies

Mason and Melissa Trullinger

David and Christie Tugend

Jeff and Candy Tyler

Maggie Unzueta and Christoper Vogelmann

Anysia Valko

Ida and Jay Van Houten

The Van Rooy Family

Christine and Ian Van Tuyl

Star Vasquez

Vicki Vereen

Ron and Betsy Vernetti

Kathy and Kevin Vienna

Daniel, Elena and Alistair Vizuet

Zack Volkman

Mr. and Mrs. Volkman

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wack

Kathy  Wallace Hafner

Marcie Warmer

Mark Warner

Ed Weisbrod

Connor Wertz

Greg and Megan West

The  West Family

Mike and Nikki Whittemore

Art and Dana Wilcox

Diane Wiley

Catherine Jacobs Willson

Ron and Linda Witthoft

Anna Woerman

Michael and Kathie Woiwode

Laurel and Jim Woolf

Laurie Worthington

Gar and Mary Wright

Margie Young

The Zagrodzky Family

Daniel B. Zaragoza

Patricia Zaragoza Grey

Drs. James and Sally Zoll

Coronado’s Bookkeeping 

Marianne’s Coronado 

Vintage Cinemas